About Us

Hiraizumi Law Group is made up of a dedicated team with diverse backgrounds who are bonded by their shared values and a commitment to helping others.

At Hiraizumi Law Group, we believe estate planning is more than just a set of legal documents.  It is an act of love by those who deeply care about their families and want to leave a legacy for them.

Our mission is to assist individuals and families in leaving a long-lasting legacy by designing comprehensive estate plans that help tell the stories that matter most to them.

Our Story

When I started Hiraizumi Law Group in 2019, I wanted to take a fresh approach to estate planning. It was my hope to take a process that can sometimes seem intimidating and cold and make it more relatable and inviting. To do so takes time and dedication. It also requires having a team in place who share strong family values and the belief that the work we do is more than a job.

We see our role as an honor and a great responsibility to be entrusted by our clients to help provide legal guidance to handle such personal matters from designing a customized estate plan to helping a family through the probate process following the death of a loved one. We treat our clients like family and handle each case with compassion and care.

Our Team

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Jill Hiraizumi-Artino

Founder and Attorney

Tammy Williams

Associate Attorney

Kim Castaneda


Joann Cordeiro


Emily Marsh

Administrative Assistant