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I'm Jill. I’m a lawyer and I have a passion for helping individuals and families leave a legacy and tell their stories through thoughtful estate planning.

Changing the way society thinks about estate planning .

When you put “estate” before planning, many look the other way. People often think estate planning is for retired individuals, or they don’t have enough assets, or the process seems intimidating.

At Hiraizumi Law Group, we see estate planning differently. Let’s break down the stereotypes and barriers. Let’s start having the important conversations and work together to put a plan in place that’s tailored to meet your unique needs and wishes.

Our Services

Providing legal guidance in areas related to estate planning, trust administration, probate, and conservatorships.

Estate planning is about being proactive and planning ahead to put together a thoughtful plan that manages the many facets of life, from family dynamics, finances, to healthcare matters.

Trust Administration is the process of managing and executing a valid trust left behind by an individual who has died or become incapacitated.

Probate is the legal process where a court decides how an individual’s estate (or assets) is distributed upon his/her death.

Conservatorship is when an individual or institution seeks a judge’s approval to make healthcare and/or financial decisions for someone who can no longer make these decisions on their own.